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New Red Fading is an indie/alternative rock band based in Groningen, the Netherlands. Their music is best to be described as a melodic and hypnotic cinematic blend of music ranging from alternative rock, post-rock, progressive rock, to blues, electronic music and more traditional music.
After all members finished their high school in 2010, they decided to solely focus on the band, instead of continuing their studies. Being given the opportunity to have their own rehearsal studio in nightclub Warhol, they spend most of their time there writing music, rehearsing and managing themselves.
Since the decision to throw themselves fully on their music, they have released a self produced EP named 'We The People' and presented it January 14th 2011 at the European showcase festival Eurosonic. They've gigged every venue in Groningen and its surroundings and have been a featured band at many festivals such as Groninsch Peil, Gideon Festival and IO festival. Also, they've released a single (Spinning Time and Mask/Unmask) recorded for the Groninger Museum as part of a project in which they musically interpreted a painting of choice.

Currently, New Red Fading is in the process of recording new material, of which more news will pop up in the news section!

e-mail: contact@newredfading.com

For more information about New Red Fading: Electronic Press Kit